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  • The Vmmc Process, What is it and how is it useful?

    It is best that a couple goes for VMMC Counseling together so as to understand the process. After discussion with the counselor, you will be asked to sign a consent form and then offered an HIV test ...

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  • Care Of The Wound, Reproductive health.

    The VMMC procedure is carried out by highly trained medical personnel and the likelihood of complications is greatly reduced. However proper care of the wound is also vital to ensure rapid ...

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  • Removal Of Dressing On The Third Day.

    The choice for VMMC should not be the sole decision of the male partner. Ideally this matter should be discussed at family level before the men (or man) in the family go for the procedure. This ensures that there is a lot ...

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  • Women Involvement In VMMC and health.

    Wives and mothers play an important role in convincing their husbands and sons to go for VMMC. It is important for them to understand the health benefits of VMMC for both their husbands/sons ...

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